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The Telescope: 

24" diameter (.6m) f4.5 Computerized Goto Dobsonian


Why am I not smiling?

Using a large aperture (24" (.6m) dia. mirror, 10 feet tall) telescope, a Night Sky Adventures(tm) Interpretive astronomy tour shows the natural grandeur of the universe as you can only see with your own eyes. The 24" dia. mirror captures 10,000X more light from faint objects than the unaided eye.

My unique approach to astronomy brings you the universe in real time, this is not a domed light show. No observatory buildings, funky laser show (well maybe a little) or pre-recorded narration gets in the way of the pure enjoyment of the universe. (sometimes I do put on "star" music)

By using such a large telescope, the human eye can see wonders that only a long exposure photograph could capture not so long ago. The 24" reflector alone is impressive even without looking through the eyepiece.

Most guests are surprised at the amount of detail and sheer lushness of objects in the night sky. Night Sky Adventures(tm) is truly a memorable experience.

The telescope is fully transportable and has even been set up on rooftop decks (some help required), snow, the bottom of a sink hole, middle of a KOA, parking lots, service roads and on a mountaintop.

And now, with computer go to and tracking capabilities, we spend more time observing and less time hunting down objects!

Most telescopes this large do not track objects in the sky, you simply allow them to drift across the field as the earth rotates. But now with computer tracking, your brain is free to observe objects rather than concentrating on their movement in the eyepiece. The effect is like adding 30% to the size of the telescope.

 Other Telescopes are used for Night Sky Adventures including a 10 inch Dobsonian, and binoculars.

Full Moon is not the best time to view. Click Here and see why.